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Planet Earth is dying, mainly because of greedy humans. Humans want power and wealth, even if it means killing or enslaving other humans, creating deserts from the burning of fossil fuels, poisoning the oceans, or undermining the security of other countries and their economies.


The (corrupt) abuse of public office for private gain, is about more than wasted money: it erodes the social contract and corrodes the government’s ability to help grow the economy in a way that benefits all citizens.



A great idea, the revision and focus on 17 areas of economic development that may help planet earth survive, even with humans onboard.


The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are their blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Note that these are goals, not agreements with any specific plan.


The Goals address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.


The UN claims that their Goals interconnect. They say it is important for every country to achieve each Goal and target by 2030.


Given the pollution we face and reliance on fossil fuels, we'd say they have an uphill struggle. Especially with the Greedy7, each jostling for economic advantage, instead of working together.


Click on any specific Goal below to learn more about each issue from the UN's perspective:



Poverty UN sustainability goals 1Zero hunger and food security UN SDG2Health and well being UN SDG3Education UN sustainable development goal 4Gender equaltiy for men and women UN SDG 5Sanitation and clean water for all SDG 6

Clean affordable energy for all UN sustainability goal 7Jobs and sustainable economic growth SDG 8Innovation in industry and sustainable infrastructure SDG 9Reduced inequalities for all sustainable development goal 10Cities and communities that are sustainable goal 11Consumption and production that is sustainable SDG 12

Action against climate change sustainable development goal 13Ocean and marine conservation UN sustainable development goals 14Biodiversity conserving life on land SDG 15Justice and institutional integrity for peace SDG 16Partnerships between governments and corporations SDG 17United Nations sustainable  development goals for 2030


The 17 SDG headings that the UN hopes will make planet earth a better place to live on.





If, as we suspect, nothing much will change in the next ten years, those countries who are being used, may want to band together to formulate international laws to curb greed and exploitation.


We need to foster a new attitude with politicians who care about their neighbors, rather than their bank balance.






Proposals to make it illegal to operate a country or a business such as to cause harm to planet earth and its inhabitants, may sound extreme, especially to those plundering our natural resources. But, it is probably one of the sanest proposals from 2020, where in 2019, some of the G20 pushed for more time to exploit their kleptocratic empires. A radical, peaceful, solution is long overdue. But it all depends on the electorate having the gumption to vote green, instead of voting for greed.







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